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Software development services

Introduce new services, enter new markets, and increase revenue with custom software crafted for your unique business needs. Our full-cycle software services cover business analysis, architecture, UI/UX design, software development, QA, deployment, maintenance, and support.

Software development services

What our clients say

Their ability to think outside the box is impressive. Customers and internal stakeholders are happy with the vendor’s quality solutions. They take a client-oriented approach to project management and deliver results quickly. Their streamlined method of communication has been effective so far.

Nick Barford
Team Lead,

Our technology stack

We continually update ourselves with the latest technologies and security practices to guarantee you get first-class software services.

Our partners

Our services are tailored for



Introduce new products, features, or digital solutions with our technological expertise.



Grow your startup and bring your product to reality, from concept to market launch.

How we build your product

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Step 6.

Launch and maintenance

Requirements establishmentDuring our initial meeting, we ask you to share your business needs and determine the software development model that best suits your requirements.

In-depth researchWe thoroughly analyze the market to identify the most suitable technology solutions that align with your specific business needs.

Project estimationOur project managers provide budget and project duration estimates, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the timeline and scope of work involved.

Once this stage is complete, you will receive:

  • Product ideas
  • Forecast on the development
  • Service proposal

Process setupWe select the best-suited project management tools, communication channels, and internal server environment for seamless project delivery.

Tech stack and architectureOur specialists prepare the necessary business documentation to initiate your project and lay a solid foundation for success.

Once this stage is complete, you will receive:

  • Product development roadmap
  • Tech stack specifications
  • Team setup and project kick-off

User experience designOur designers conduct market and user research, build wireframes of your product and test them with real users iteratively.

User interface designDesigners bring your product to life by creating visually appealing interfaces that follow industry best practices and keep up with the latest design trends.

Interactive prototypeWe conduct usability testing with users and fine-tune the prototype based on user feedback to ensure the final product is intuitive and seamless.

Once this stage is complete, you will receive:

  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototype
  • Style guide

Front-endOur technical experts take the prototype design and transform it into a fully functioning product, ensuring efficiency, speed, and intuitive functionality.

Back-endWe take care of the server-side of your product, developing a secure and effective solution that powers it behind the scenes.

Once this stage is complete, you will receive:

  • Back-end code
  • Configured databases
  • Custom APIs

Test automationTo enhance deployment capacity and minimize regression risks, we conduct automated code testing, ensuring the reliability of your product.

Manual QAOur team performs thorough manual testing to guarantee the stability and smooth performance of the software upon release.

Security checkWe conduct a comprehensive review of your product to identify and address any security flaws, backdoors, or potential data breaches.

Once this stage is complete, you will receive:

  • Test automation
  • Security check

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)We implement an automated process to instantly check the code before deployment, allowing for faster delivery and ensuring high-quality releases.

Cloud and app storesOur team configures the cloud platform to host your website and ensures a smooth release of your app on various app stores.

Ongoing maintenanceEven after the launch, our dedicated software development team provides ongoing maintenance to support your product’s growth.

Once this stage is complete, you will receive:

  • Product reviews
  • User feedback
  • Maintenance and support

What defines our software services company


Full-cycle software development

Our expert team of business analysts, designers, software developers, DevOps experts, and QA engineers offers end-to-end software development services, covering everything from ideation and concept to launch and support.


7+ years of industry expertise

We only hire experts with strong technical and soft skills, experienced in the software markets of Europe, the USA, and the UK. Our team continuously enhances their expertise and stays updated with industry trends to ensure clean code and seamless delivery.


80+ successful projects delivered

With over 7 years of delivering software dev services, we’ve completed more than 80 impactful projects. We apply the latest technology and industry knowledge to create high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ needs and delight users.


Daily management support

Each client gets a dedicated project manager and account manager. They communicate with you daily to gather feedback, complete the project on time and within budget, and ensure you’re happy with our collaboration.


Agile approach

Our team follows Agile and Scrum methodologies, keeping you involved throughout the entire development process. We provide tools for viewing tasks, giving feedback, and making immediate adjustments.


Partnerships built to last

We’re not just vendors; we’re here for the long haul, fostering lasting relationships with our partners. How do we ensure that? By consistently delivering first-class software solutions that add value to our clients and delight their users.

You’re already growing. Let’s grow faster

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Pros of custom software development

Save on costs

Cut down on expenses and enhance your operations through automation and digitalization. Partnering with Brainence means you also save on recruitment, vacation, or office costs, as we handle all administrative and legal matters.

Delight your customers

We design and build products that people truly value. Through deep research, iterative prototyping, and testing, we ensure a human-centric approach to help people solve their challenges with our elegant solutions.

Leverage the latest technology

We keep up with the latest technology and apply over seven years of industry knowledge to create first-class solutions, keeping your business at the forefront of your domain.

Stay ahead of competitors

Embrace the latest technologies to automate processes and optimize workflows. Deliver a personalized user experience to outpace competitors and attract more customers.

How can we help you?

If you’re looking for software company services, contact us. Our experts will meet you to drive your business change.

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    What happens after you contact us?

    Once you fill out the contact form, we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up a call at a convenient time.

    Another way to meet and discuss your needs is to book a strategy call at a convenient time directly from our website.

    Our experts meet with you for an hour-long free consultation. During this time, we present our software company services and listen to your needs to determine if we can be a good fit for each other.

    If you have a product idea but can’t implement it on your own, our business analyst will provide project estimation, documentation, and forecast on our software dev services and timelines.

    Next, we sign an NDA and begin working on the project.

    What will your collaboration with Brainence look like?

    Once we sign the contract, the team gets started right away.

    You meet the development team at a kick-off meeting to discuss the workflow in detail and define how often you will meet the team to review progress.

    At every project stage, our clients are actively involved in the software engineering process.

    Together, we decide on tools for collaboration and communication, like Google Workspaces, MS Team, Slack, Trello, Jira, Asana, GitHub, and more.

    We follow agile methodologies and implement them during the software engineering process. Your team meets with you for regular demo meetings to share the progress and get feedback.

    The team reports working hours weekly via the ClickUp app.

    If you are not completely satisfied with a team member’s performance within the 3-month trial period, we will arrange for a replacement.

    Who will you be working with during the development process?

    As a software development services company, we can help you build a team that covers all your development needs:

    • A developer or a team of developers
    • QA engineers
    • UX/UI designers
    • DevOps
    • business analysts.

    The team composition depends on your product’s needs, which we define during the initial consultation.

    For each project, we also assign a project manager and an account manager.

    Your main point of contact will be the project manager, who oversees the whole development process, facilitates efficient communication, and helps you manage your team.

    An account manager will handle financial, administrative, and hiring issues and ensure a satisfaction rate.

    What happens after the product delivery?

    After we deliver the software, you can count on us! Many clients opt to continue our partnership for ongoing support, maintenance, and optimization.

    As your partnering software services company, rely on us for new feature development, enhancements, and any technical assistance you need. We’ll ensure your software evolves and thrives in the market while you concentrate on your core business goals.

    What do software services cost at Brainence?

    It’s impossible to give the final price straight away. Here’s what we need to know first:

    • The type of services you need
    • The scope and complexity of your project
    • The technology we’ll use
    • The team’s composition and experience level

    Contact us to discuss your project and its cost. We’ll analyze your requirements and provide an estimate based on standard hourly rates and our software dev service for your project.

    How long does it take to build a software product?

    The project duration depends on the complexity of your product and the team composition.

    A simple software dev service might take up to 2 months. On the other hand, it can take from 6 months to two years to create complex mobile or web applications.

    Contact us for a detailed estimation of the length of your custom software development project.

    What collaboration model is best for your project?

    Whether you need outsourcing or it’s better to go with an outstaffing approach depends on your specific needs. Let’s break it down:

    Custom software development

    If your company lacks in-house software development experts, outsourcing is your best bet. We’ll build and manage a team to develop your product from scratch. This option is ideal for projects with limited budgets and fixed timelines.

    Dedicated team

    If you have the management to handle the remote team and make technical decisions, you should opt for outstaffing. Brainence can provide you with dedicated teams to support your ongoing projects and strengthen your software engineering capabilities with new talents and technology expertise.

    Every project is unique, so it’s wise to consult with the experts first. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we will guide you through our software services to boost your business.

    What should you consider before hiring a software development services company?

    We want to keep you safe from those who can’t walk their talk. So here’s what you need to consider before signing a contract:

    • Expertise. Look for a company with specialized experience in your industry and proficiency in the necessary technologies.
    • Portfolio. Examine their previous projects to evaluate the quality of their work and the variety of solutions they have provided.
    • Communication. Choose a company that values clear and prompt communication, ensuring a smooth and effective partnership.
    • Testimonials and reviews. Seek recommendations from peers and read online reviews to understand the experiences of others who have worked with the company.
    • Flexibility and scalability. Opt for a partner that can adapt to your evolving needs and support the growth of your product.

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