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Modern web and mobile application for the e-commerce sellers

Centralize your inbox, improve response rates across eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and other selling platforms within one platform — managing sales have never been easier.

E-commerce sellers can now handle inquiries about orders, measure team performance, send messages to customers, and more. Reliable web and mobile application that Brainence developed helps e-commerce sellers effectively manage incoming requests and deal with cases. The platform is a life-saver for clients who are overwhelmed by customers’ emails and don’t have a structure, which makes services time-consuming both for the support team and customers. Additionally, the platform offers personal customer support for its customers via email, chat, and phone. The client uses a ticket-based pricing, in which 1 ticket equals 1 conversation. Customers can choose an annual and monthly plan and number of conversations they plan to have in that period of time.



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Our client from the UK wanted to unite seller channels into a single portal. As he had multiple businesses, he wanted to develop a multi-functional portal that can serve as CRM.


Brainence created a custom desktop application that contained various automation. The system united accounts from different spaces and united them into a single CRM. This way, tickets from all channels can be seen and tracked from a single platform where information about the customer’s account is available.
The desktop application has the following primary features:

    • Dashboard performance for teams and products, where the user can see how many issues certain product creates based on the client’s inquiries;
    • Automatic ticket assignment system. When the client has a question regarding the order, the support team can see the request with all the details about the customer
    • Order template.
    • Integration with messengers.

    We also developed a mobile application with enough features to quickly solve customer’s issues from anywhere.


The application is a lifesaver for multiple accounts or business owners, allowing them to manage their sales and team performance within one platform. The set of features includes everything the user needs to receive, process, and solve customer’s issues with an easy and automated interface, which lowers training costs for new employees and increases customer’s satisfaction with the services the business provides.


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Primary Features

Centralized eCommerce

A customer relationship management solution that helps multi-channel sellers to manage customers’ messages and orders by integrating them into a single place. This way, messages never get lost, support has a convenient access to all the information they can retrieve anytime to solve unexpected issues.

Email Automation

This feature offers email templates, auto-responders, customizable tags, and logistics automation to save businesses time.

Chat & Instant Messaging

A chat solution that provides instant messaging, which allows client’s leads to get relevant product and service information that help the client turn leads into loyal customers. You can install live chat, Facebook, and Telegram.

Team collaboration

This feature helps ecommerce sellers manage their customer service, offering several collaboration options. They include unlimited team access, user track assignment, SLA prioritization, internal notes, and performance reporting.

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