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Brainence will help you focus on your core business goals by providing a development team for any customization requests—from integrations and database interactions to embedding third-party apps and creating standalone apps for automation or additional functionality.

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Got a customization team?

Boost your development projects

Is your customization team overwhelmed? Or do you lack resources? We’ve got you covered.

Brainence provides a white-labeled team dedicated to your customization projects. They’re on standby to deliver SLA-backed responses, proposals, and development timelines, handling project estimating and development internally.

For a monthly fee, access our customization team, saving significantly compared to maintaining idle employees on the bench.

The monthly fee is either forfeited if unused or deducted from the project’s total cost. Rest assured, our quotes remain confidential, allowing you to add your commission before presenting them to your end customers.

Get your white-labeled customization team

Looking for a reliable partner to develop custom solutions while you concentrate on core business objectives?

If your core development team is overwhelmed, Brainence can become your official customization partner to address your specific development needs.

We offer a white-labeled customization team comprising highly skilled professionals, including project managers, developers, and quality assurance engineers.

Our developers are technologically savvy professionals who share your business culture and take full responsibility for the customization development, allowing you to concentrate on your core business goals.

With Brainence as your customization partner, you’ll receive a commission on each customization we develop, while your product development team stays focused on core business goals.

Our collaboration process

  • Analysis

    We schedule a discussion to listen to your requirements and the goals your customization project aims to achieve.

  • Assessment and strategy

    We provide you with a development strategy, a detailed timeline, and a quote.

  • Customization development and delivery

    Our white-labeled team brings your customization project to life, ensuring you receive a tailored solution to present to your customer.

  • Introduction

    Whenever your customers request a custom feature or addon development, your sales or support teams introduce the Brainence customization team.

  • Establishment of the request process

    Our customization team establishes and oversees the process for you to request custom features or add-ons from your customers.

  • Customization development

    After the user introduction, our customization experts handle all steps of the software development cycle, including requirements gathering, quote preparation, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support.

  • Delivery

    We handle and deliver all the technical work, allowing you to concentrate on your business objectives and strategy.

What you get

Increased revenue

Earn a commission on each customization request we develop and drive your Monthly Recurring Revenue. You won’t spend time and effort on custom development that doesn’t fit your roadmap or is closely tied to specific customer needs, with no broader applicability.

Cut costs

Save significantly by paying a monthly fee for your white-labeled team. No need to pay your in-house development team during idle periods without ongoing customization projects.

Flexible team scaling

As your volume of requests grows, we provide the flexibility to adjust the size and composition of our customization team to meet your evolving needs.

Exceptional client satisfaction

Get more satisfied customers by fulfilling every customization request, even if it’s beyond your global roadmap.

Need helping hands for customization? We got you.

Anna Vasylko
Anna Vasylko Chief Operating Officer at Brainence

Need helping hands for customization? We got you.

“With years of experience and a proven track record of success, our white-labeled team integrates with your operations, delivering impactful customization solutions while you focus on driving your core business objectives forward.

Let’s meet and see how Brainence can help you grow your development capacities and win more clients.”

Handling multiple customization requests is easy

Contact us to expand your customization capacities or build a team from scratch.

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