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Healthcare [3]

Healthcare social network for corporate employees

Healthcare [3]

Brainence has designed and developed a healthcare social network aimed at enhancing the well-being of corporate employees.

Tailored for corporate utility, our platform offers an array of tools and features that empower users to embrace healthier and more active lifestyles. Using our platform, employees are encouraged to engage in exercise, achieve their personal health goals, and share their accomplishments with colleagues.






React Native


Our client approached us seeking modern solutions to improve their current platform, which was no longer meeting user needs and couldn’t align with the company’s business goals. Given our client’s collaboration with enterprise-level companies in the USA to boost health awareness levels within organizations, it was essential for us to take the product to the next level and enrich it with new functionalities.


After conducting extensive research, we decided to build a social network from scratch, utilizing both a mobile application and a website. Our software development team re-architected the platform to enhance flexibility and improve integration with native infrastructure. This helped us create a high-speed, secure application capable of accommodating all essential features.

Business outcomes

Our healthcare social network promotes a healthy lifestyle among corporate employees and keeps users engaged by offering a unified platform for their physical activities. As a result, the platform helps improve the physical well-being of corporate employees, leading to increased productivity and better mental health. It fosters a goal-oriented mindset, which is crucial for resolving work tasks.

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Primary Features

Goal and challenge setting

Based on survey responses, this tool selects personalized, best-in-class healthcare programs and involves users in company-wide challenges.

Reward system

As users engage in programs and reach their milestones, our platform motivates them by granting access to in-app redemptions from renowned brands.

Social interaction

Users can share posts and photos, create communities centered around common interests, and keep track of their colleagues’ activities.

Health risk assessment

We’ve integrated a tracker that uses biomarkers and activity data to evaluate a user’s health risks. This empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their health and activities.

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