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Dedicated team

Access a broad talent pool with superior specialists to get the most out of your project. We match top IT talent with external teams to help them scale and take their product to the next level.

Dedicated team

Best suited for


that need to extend expertise


with tight deadlines


Need managed offshore specialists

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Dedicated team set-up process

Step 1.

Collecting requirements

Step 2.

Finding a suitable match

Step 3.

Supervising administrative activities.

Step 4.

Gaining full control over product development.

First, we set up a planning session with you to understand what specialists you need to successfully run the project, collecting information about the project, team size, and desired workflow

When it comes to finding a specialist, we have two options:

Internal talent.If an in-house specialist is available, our recruiting team assigns this person for the project immediately.

Recruitment capabilities.If we do not find a suitable match in-house, our HR team searches for the best fit based on requirements and schedules an internal tech review. Candidates who pass the review get to a final interview with you.

Integrating with your on-site team.We do our best to integrate the team into your project without any hassle. During this time, our team:

  • closely works with you to define an efficient remote cooperation model
  • sets up agile processes a distributed team needs
  • integrates business processes
  • organizes team-building activities
  • sets up an overseeing effective communication

While the team is working on your project, we provide various technical training, consults and knowledge sharing sessions for you to encourage continued education.

One of the greatest benefits is that you can manage your remote team as your in-house one. We will make sure you have all necessary tools and assistance. If you need assistance that involves our interference during any stage of the project, we’ve got you covered.


Why trust us?

‘Cause we believe in achieving greater results together

We aim to reach a deep understanding of your expectations and see you as a partner to grow with.

‘Cause we are always there for you.

If you need to quickly find the team to work on your project, we find experienced candidates in a short period of time, granting you full control over the selection.

‘Cause we support transparency.

We have no hidden fees, bureaucracy, or delivery surprises — our team works around the clock to find a solution for your case, guiding you through the entire process.

‘Cause we take responsibility.

You have no need to worry about the operational costs or unexpected situations — the candidate’s success is on us.

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    The most impressive for me was the ability of the team to provide first-class development and meet all the deadlines.

    COO, Replyco LTD,
    United Kingdom


    The team proactively comes up with solutions and is eager to deliver high-quality development support.

    Executive, Software & Consulting Services Provider, Netherlands


    I was blown away by the knowledge that Brainence has about web app development, UX and optimisation.

    CEO, E-commerce Company,
    United Kingdom


    The project management was well-managed. We worked well together to create a refined product.

    CTO, Field Service & Job Management Platform, Australia


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