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Dedicated teams

Stable, secure, and scalable development teams

Balance your backlog without putting pressure on your core team. Hire a dedicated team of hand-selected software engineers that can work autonomously or alongside your in-house staff, giving you complete control over the development process.


Stop hacking the recruitment process to meet your goals


Scale your team when you need

Quickly extend your development team with dedicated software engineers. You may scale up and down your team size whenever you need.


Save cost with no hidden fees

We offer clear and cost-efficient rates without any extra expense. All administrative expenses like workspace, education, tools and taxes are on us.


Focus on your business goals

Instead of micromanaging your developers switch focus to other business challenges. Our team will take care of the tech side of the product.

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Dedicated team set-up process

  • Requirements establishment
  • Candidates pre-screening by Brainence
  • Technical interview with the client
  • Candidate approval by client
  • Service agreement signature
  • Integration with on-site team
  • Always-on support by Brainence

Say hello to hassle-free team extension, focusing on 3 key areas


Hand-picked specialists

Ukraine has one of the world’s greatest IT talent pools. Brainence tech recruitment experts select the best suitable while you evaluate their tech skills and make the final hiring decision.


Smooth communication

Our core belief is that by communicating our expectations we achieve better results. We create a proactive and open environment where you can connect with everyone on the team directly.


Full transparency in every step

Cooperation can only be effective if we are open to one another. We share our thoughts, goals and experiences willingly. We give well-deserved compliments, and we are not afraid of receiving constructive feedback.

Average team size

4 -10


On avg. until up and running

4 - 8


Min. target collaboration



You’re already growing. Let’s grow faster

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When do I benefit most from a dedicated team?

The dedicated development team model is best suited when:

  • the project is large or when several projects need to be completed
  • the requirements are not fixed and can change as the project progresses
  • the exact deadline is unknown
  • the quality is crucial
  • there are no clearly defined budget limitations

By hiring dedicated developers, some companies enhance their capabilities, acquire specific skills, and speed up project delivery by outsourcing only certain processes, such as development and quality assurance, while keeping the bulk of the processes in-house.

Another option is to have a dedicated team handle the pipeline end-to-end while sharing all documentation so you can constantly track deliverables and progress.

Who will manage the team?

When choosing a dedicated team model, you get full management control over the team members. The transparency of the workflow allows you to manage the workload and performance of the hired employees and monitor the progress of the work.

Additionally, the dedicated team is 100 percent dedicated to you and your project, and they do their best to achieve your goals. They don’t work with other clients or work on any other projects. Their time is all yours, and it is you who consider how to manage it.

What is your team set up process?

We have a 4-step set up process:

  1. We set up a planning session with you to understand what specialists you need to successfully run the project.
  2. Our HR team searches for the best fit based on requirements and schedules an internal tech review. Candidates who pass the review get to a final interview with you.
  3. We do our best to integrate the team into your project without any hassle. During this time, our team:
    • closely works with you to define an efficient remote cooperation model
    • sets up agile processes a distributed team needs
    • integrates business processes
    • organizes team-building activities
    • sets up an overseeing effective communication
  4. We make sure you have all necessary tools and assistance to manage your remote team as your in-house one.

What specialists work at your service?

Depending on the project, Brainence can provide:

  • mobile app developers
  • web developers (front-end and back-end)
  • project managers
  • quality assurance engineers
  • DevOps engineers

What technologies do you work with?

Our core technology stack includes:

  • backend: .NET, Java, Node.js
  • frontend: Angular, React
  • mobile: React Native

Dedicated team vs. Time and Material

The time & material model means that you are paying for the outcome of your collaboration with the vendor’s team. This means no sipping coffee or surfing the web. It’s the way to go if:

  • you have a small project
  • all you have is a concept or idea
  • you intend to build an MVP
  • you don’t know the target market, thus you’ll require updates or minor features.
  • the scope is dynamic
  • you are yet to figure out your project requirements, price or deadlines

There are some similarities between the committed team and the time & material models, such as efficiency and flexibility, as well as some differences. In both cases, the customer and the outsourced team need to communicate constantly.

Biggest advantage: The time & material model is result-oriented.

Biggest challenge: it is hard to plan and monitor the budget.

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    The most impressive for me was the ability of the team to provide first-class development and meet all the deadlines.

    COO, Replyco LTD,
    United Kingdom


    The team proactively comes up with solutions and is eager to deliver high-quality development support.

    Executive, Software & Consulting Services Provider, Netherlands


    I was blown away by the knowledge that Brainence has about web app development, UX and optimisation.

    CEO, E-commerce Company,
    United Kingdom


    The project management was well-managed. We worked well together to create a refined product.

    CTO, Field Service & Job Management Platform, Australia


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