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Web application for senior citizens

An application developed from scratch with rich functionality and advanced features to provide users with the ability to easily find reliable nursing home solutions.

An innovative web application that allows customers to find the most attractive nursing home solution. Both customers and nursing home providers benefit from the service, as firms send their applications to the platform, while customers choose the house that fits their unique needs among various options with an easy and reliable interface. Founders’ mission was to develop an easy-to-use interface so that elderly people could quickly find the information they need, making it easier for them to make a decision.


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Our client came up with the idea of creating a service for elderly people where they and their children can find the most suitable housing option. He wanted to create a web application with advanced features that can help customers make thoughtful decisions without a hassle.


We developed a web application from scratch, setting advanced features to satisfy all user’s needs. Home owners present their houses and provide the most accurate information, including details that customers require to make an informed decision, such as dietary needs, accommodation details, etc. The developed application includes a primary role of a user who rents a house and the administrator who can set search criteria and restrict specific options.

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Key Features

Fit Finder

A filter that allows users to narrow the search down and find the most suitable housing option faster with filters such as house size, range of prices, location, etc.


See what others have to say about the option that you’re interested in to ensure you make the right choice. People who’ve rented any of the houses receive an additional email that asks them to leave a review.

Tour scheduling

If you’re not sure whether the housing option will suit you or your closest ones, schedule a virtual tour.

Property listing

If you want to become a landlord and have a great place for elder people to spend their golden years at, the platform has an easy-to-use interface in which you can list your property by filling in the form and signing in with the platform.

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