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Sell better with custom Linnworks solutions

Brainence partners with Linnworks to automate your e-commerce processes. Our role is to create custom applications and integrations that interact directly with Linnworks’ data and services. You tell us your needs—we provide you with a tailored solution, in no time.

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What you can do with Brainence


Custom reports

Advanced reporting tools we create give the ability to see the database and generate custom reports depending on your query (seasoning, demand, statistics purposes).


Custom macros

We can either help you customize any action for the new order or create scheduled macros that generate specific reports regularly for any date and time.


UI customization

We change the appearance and functionality of the existing system, attaching or removing buttons or windows, adding a pitch of custom logic to any part of the system.


Marketplace integration

We help you integrate with well-known platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and others to expose your product to a wider audience.


POS integrations development

Users can enjoy a custom application that facilitates the ordering process and allows them to process an order at any time and with less efforts.


Embedded applications

This model perfectly fits for large cases and scenarios that need to be connected with Linnworks. We build a separate application on an independent server that will be connected to the Linnworks automatically.

Our solutions

Pro Dashboard

Keep track of your sales, orders, inventory, and user performance with our dashboard. Customize the dashboard to display the information you want with drag-drop functionality.

Postcode Lookup

The Postcode Lookup application makes it easy to find a buyer’s address. Simply enter the postcode, and you’ll see a list of addresses that fall under that postcode.

Advanced Order Allocator

With our app, the Rules Engine performs additional tasks. You can now control the allocation of orders to a specific location or split orders between locations based on stock availability.

Average Order Weight Calculator

Enhance the Open Orders screen with a custom scale label showcasing maximum, minimum, and average order weight. Use the filters and selection to dynamically recalculate the weights.

Easy Export

Simplify your order management with automated reporting. Easily generate, schedule, and export reports on open orders, and enjoy flexible storage options and email updates.

Print by New Order View

Save time by printing hundreds of shipping labels and invoices in one go. With the Print by Order View app, you can print orders in bulk from a ‘custom view’ via the virtual printer.

Simple POS

Easily add customers and items to the order, automatically print invoices and labels, and process orders within seconds through a simple and user-friendly interface.

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Channel integrations

Order integrations

Shipping integrations

Meet Tetyana, your project manager

Tetyana Orynyak Project Manager at Brainence

Meet Tetyana, your project manager

In our close partnership with Linnworks for over four years, we’ve built dozens of custom solutions to help businesses speed up order deliveries to their customers.

Together, we can create tailored apps, integrations, and macros that automate your processes, cut costs, and empower your entire e-commerce operation.

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    The most impressive for me was the ability of the team to provide first-class development and meet all the deadlines.

    COO, Replyco LTD,
    United Kingdom


    The team proactively comes up with solutions and is eager to deliver high-quality development support.

    Executive, Software & Consulting Services Provider, Netherlands


    I was blown away by the knowledge that Brainence has about web app development, UX and optimisation.

    CEO, E-commerce Company,
    United Kingdom


    The project management was well-managed. We worked well together to create a refined product.

    CTO, Field Service & Job Management Platform, Australia


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