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Education [1]

Online learning platform led by industry experts

Education [1]

Brainence has developed uCreate, an online learning platform providing accessible courses from leading experts across various industries.

Our solution offers personalized course suggestions tailored to match students’ interests in fields such as business, marketing, health, art, personal growth, beauty, or lifestyle. Students can enroll in courses at affordable prices, gaining invaluable insights from industry experts.

uCreate not only caters to students but also empowers experts to share their knowledge. Experts can become certified instructors on uCreate, passing on their expertise through video content and communication with students.


AMMI Capital, UK


Software development





Our client required a platform that would facilitate effective information exchange between students and experts, allowing them to post and access courses at their convenience.

With the client’s initial idea and a general concept of the application’s functionality in mind, we began by outlining the business goals. From there, our software development experts navigated through the development pipeline, ensuring alignment with all objectives while maintaining constant communication with the client at each stage.


Our team developed a platform from scratch, incorporating three main roles:

• Student: accesses courses, rates teachers, and communicates with peers.
• Teacher: registers, creates courses, uploads content, and interacts with students.
• Administrator: validates courses and approves or disapproves them.

Teacher profiles feature course details with a “subscribe” option and evaluation scores. They can also access analytics showing course attendance, sales reports, and other relevant information. Communication between students and teachers occurs via chat, allowing for questions and submission of assignments.

Teaching experts receive a referral link to reduce their commission by signing up students through this link.

Business outcomes

uCreate continuously extends a list of courses, facilitates communication with the students, and offers an easy-to-use solution. While students benefit from unique and industry-specific information, teachers have the opportunity to increase their profit and present their expertise to a broader audience.

Brainence’s work on uCreate has resulted in a significant increase in student engagement and course enrollment. The platform’s user-friendly interface and personalized course recommendations have led to higher user satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, the implementation of the referral link system has incentivized teaching experts to promote their courses, resulting in an expansion of the platform’s course offerings.


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Key features

Enrolling on the course

Students choose their desired courses, check teachers’ ratings to ensure quality, purchase the course, and gain instant access to lectures and supplementary materials.

Content creation

Teachers upload course content, including videos and attachments, maintaining high quality and ensuring intuitive navigation throughout the course.

Homework review via chats

Students and teachers stay connected through chats. When a student submits homework or has a question, the teacher receives a notification, checks the attachments, and provides feedback.


Once students have completed the course, teachers can access detailed reports, including purchase details, total income, and information about each student’s progress.

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