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Online learning platform provides accessible education for students and the opportunity for teachers to promote their expertise — all under one roof, built from scratch by our experienced developers.

An online platform you can access and receive a high-class knowledge from leading experts in various industries or become an expert and share your knowledge with the world. If you, as a student, do not know which course is right for you, the platform provides personalized suggestions based on your interests. Students can choose among a wide variety of courses in beauty, art, business and marketing, health, personal growth, lifestyle, and other topics. Teachers receive a referral link and can cut their commission by signing in students with this link.


AMMI Capital, UK

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Our client needed a platform for both students and teachers that would help them effectively communicate, exchange information, post and access courses at their convenience. The client had an idea in mind and a general understanding of how the application should look like. Starting from the first meeting, we defined business goals and went down to the development pipeline to meet all the objectives, keeping in touch with the client at every stage.


Our team developed a platform from scratch, granting the website with three main roles:
– Teacher. This user can register, create a course and upload it to the platform.
– Admin. An administrator validates the course and can either approve or disapprove it.
– Student. This user accesses the course, rates the teacher, and communicates with other students.


The educational platform has great potential as it offers valuable information at a reasonable price. As owners already had courses in illustration, the platform extended a list of courses, facilitated the communication with the students and offered an easy-to-use solution. While students benefit from unique and industry-specific information, teachers have the opportunity to increase their profit and present their expertise to a broader audience.


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Key features

Course registration

Every user can become a student by choosing a course among various topics based on the interest and purchasing a course, granting access to the course content.

Communication feature

Students and teachers keep in touch via chat, in which students can ask any question related to the course or send homework for a review. They can add an attachment (a document, a photo, or even a video)

Content creation

This feature allows teachers to create an account and upload the course content to the platform, with the ability to upload video and attachments, keeping the high quality and ensuring that navigation throughout the course is intuitive.


Once the course is completed, the teacher can download a report that shows a number of purchases and its details, calculates total income, and provides information about each student.

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