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Setting up a dedicated team of senior tech specialists

Illumin, a Toronto-based tech company, approached us to hire a dedicated development team to enhance their product — a platform designed to assist marketers in executing digital advertising campaigns.

Brainence assembled a dedicated team of experienced Java and React developers, QA, and DevOps engineers, and has provided administrative and legal support for the past two years. The team is expanding to meet our client’s growing needs.


Illumin, Toronto

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Project duration in years



Senior Specialists




Top-notch tech skills

Illumin requested a dedicated development team of senior specialists experienced in working with Postman, Swagger, and databases, including SQL queries, as well as a strong background in automation.

Impeccable English proficiency

The client required a high level of English proficiency from the team members essential for efficient collaboration with the on-site teams in Toronto and successful project delivery.

Smooth onboarding

To ensure effective project delivery, we had to implement remote work arrangements and optimize internal processes to facilitate seamless communication with the client’s in-house teams.

Administrative and legal support

Brainence was also asked to handle administrative and legal tasks, including hiring and retention, taxes, benefits, legal compliance, performance reviews, and team administration.

Setting up a dedicated team of senior tech specialists

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Hiring process: Step

Requirement gathering

Illumin needed a dedicated team of Java developers, React developers, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers. We first gained a thorough understanding of the project’s skill and expertise requirements. Next, we developed a comprehensive recruitment strategy to acquire and retain top-notch talent in the industry.

Hiring process: Step


We conducted pre-screening with potential candidates to evaluate their proficiency in dedicated software development. Through a meticulous selection process, we shortlisted a group of highly qualified experts who were a good fit for the client’s requirements and culture.

Hiring process: Step

Technical interview

The client’s technical experts evaluated the test tasks of potential candidates. We then arranged technical interviews for the client to conduct rigorous assessments of the most promising candidates. After careful consideration, the client selected the specialists that best matched their needs.

Hiring process: Step


As our experts are located at our headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine, we introduced them to the client’s in-house team which comprises 70+ technical specialists. We also facilitated the onboarding process that included comprehensive orientation sessions and familiarization with the company’s product.


Administrative and legal support

Brainence handles hiring, taxes, benefits, legal compliance, performance reviews, and team administration, freeing up the client to focus solely on managing the technical aspects of the project.



We have implemented separate agreements with our developers to ensure that the confidentiality and security of the client’s product and data are maintained at all times.


Ongoing support

For over two years, we’ve provided ongoing support and guidance, ensuring a seamless collaboration process. As the company continues to expand its team, our partnership continues to thrive.

Business outcomes

Thanks to the contribution of the Brainence dedicated team, illumin reduced its workload and improved operational efficiency. This, in turn, has resulted in higher customer satisfaction and greater platform adoption by marketers.

The collaboration of our specialists with the existing teams has fostered a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement. This has increased productivity and synergy among the dedicated and on-site teams, resulting in faster product development cycles.

Our successful setup of a dedicated software development team strengthened the client’s competitive advantage in the industry. The improved product capabilities and team dynamics helped illumin attract more customers and increase its market share.

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