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A health social network for corporate organizations

A health social network that centralizes an individual’s wellbeing activities and delivers a better employee experience. This network is primarily used for corporate organizations, making wellbeing easy by providing expertise, features, and tools needed to engage employees, energize workflow and connect in a meaningful way.

It’s a powerful social media management platform that transforms different areas of the company, depending on their query. Being a data-driven organization, they provide valuable services to social media managers, social customer care agents, social analysts and strategists.



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React Native


When the client was just starting, he had a readymade solution that could no longer satisfy the company’s business objectives. The client turned to our help for a newly developed website and mobile application.


The client is improving the health awareness level in the company by partnering with enterprise-level companies in the USA whom they help to support a healthier lifestyle with a social network that engages colleagues. The application got a rewrite of all of its internals from scratch, which helped us develop a high-speed, secure application that supports all required features. Our programmers re-architected the application for flexibility and improved integration with native infrastructure.


The health social network doesn’t only promote health among corporate employees but also creates an experience that keeps users engaged. As a result, the organization improves the physical wellbeing of their employees, which leads to increased productivity, improved mental health, and promotes a goal-oriented mindset, which is crucial for solving work tasks.

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Primary Features

Challenges and goals tool

This tool engages employees with best-in-class health programs by recommending personal goals based on survey responses and offering company-wide challenges.

Reward program

This feature is an integrated solution that allows employees to unlock in-app redemptions from notable brands based on program participation and achievements.

Social tool

It allows users to share photos, create interest groups and stream posts to engage employees and help them create a community.

Health risk assessment tool

A tracker that uses biomarkers and activity data to assess a user’s lifestyle risks to help employees evaluate their health and make more thoughtful decisions.

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