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Data science [1]

Data collection platform for performance advancement

Brainence developed a data collection platform to help companies gather and analyze big data on their competitors’ performance. With advanced analytical tools, the platform provides insights into companies’ strengths, weaknesses, and pain points, along with solutions to address these issues.

Our platform offers comprehensive features including data collection, advanced reporting, insightful dashboards, and personalized monitoring. Additionally, we provide crisis management, cybersecurity, and innovation services to support organizations through consultancy and analysis, fostering their growth.


Data collection platform

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Software development






Our client tasked us with building an application to enable companies to monitor the quality of their internal policies, processes, and procedures, aiming to elevate their digital quality assurance system.


In close collaboration with the customer, our software development experts built a digital platform that standardizes data collection and offers automated reporting and state-of-the-art customized dashboards, providing real-time insights into performance and compliance.

By transitioning from paper-based methods to our online system, companies streamline incident response processes and training evaluations.

Business outcomes

With our solution, organizations gain access to a powerful digital tool that simplifies the compilation of relevant questions. The extensive library offers a wide range of options, and users can easily add their questions as needed.

The platform automates the processing and aggregation of data, saving time and resources. Additionally, the GDPR-compliant personal monitor feature enables organizations to monitor personal data and progress securely. Each user receives a private, customized overview, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations while providing valuable insights into individual progress.

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Administrator console

The platform features an administrator console for creating and managing users, authorizations for various application components, password settings, and boilerplate text for organizational notifications.

Data collection console

Users utilize the data collection console to complete evaluations by answering questions in a form, adding comments and attachments, and generating reports based on their evaluations.

Dashboard console

The dashboard console analyzes collected data and presents results from advanced queries visually. Users can select time periods and target audiences for analysis.

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