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Cloud migration for a CRM and ERP integration

Brainence helped a business process outsourcing and consulting network with cloud migration to a custom integration of CRM and ERP systems. We migrated the legacy system from ASP.NET MVC to .NET Core and Angular and consolidated all client companies under one roof, integrating their data and implementing advanced functionalities.



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Our client, a group of business process outsourcing and consulting companies with eight offices across Europe, determined that the legacy architecture of its CRM system was slowing down the company’s business operations.

Their prior CRM system lacked essential functionality, faced challenges integrating tasks and employees, and couldn’t support multiple roles. Our goal was to seamlessly integrate all company data into a single, user-friendly system.


The final product is a customized integration between a customer relationship management (CRM) system and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

  • A successful migration journey from ASP.NET MVC to .NET Core and Angular
  • Managing company activities is now streamlined, with options to manage tasks, services, prices, assignees, and available resources
  • Easy registration and access to general information about each company, including employees, location, and working hours
  • Efficient team performance management through time tracking and HR functions
  • Streamlined task assignments across multiple companies via helpdesk tickets, allowing for detailed descriptions, data sharing, and deadline setting
  • Convenient document storage and management, chat function for instant communication within the system, and many more

Business outcomes

The migration of the entire infrastructure from ASP.NET MVC to .NET Core and Angular played a key role in our strategic cloud transformation initiative, resulting in enhanced scalability and efficiency.

Through custom integration between CRM and ERP systems, adoption of cloud technologies, and the implementation of a user-friendly UI/UX design, we have strengthened the client’s core operations.

As a result of the improvements we introduced, the software now runs three times faster than the initial CRM system and offers numerous new features that streamline workflows for hundreds of employees.

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Key features

Client data registration

Register the company quickly and add primary information, including its name, address, and phone number, for instant access.

Documents storage

Store all the documents in one place and quickly find the ones you need among hundreds of others using the search feature. Create new folders and switch between the companies in one click.

Tracking companies’ activities

Managing the companies’ activities is made easy. View tasks, services, prices, assignees, and resources available in the Activities module.

Geographical coverage

Since our CRM system is used worldwide, this feature allows users to see which countries the company operates in, and check the company’s time zone and national holidays.

Time management

A built-in timer shows the number of hours the employee has worked, allowing you to analyze their performance quickly.

HR management

Measure the teams’ performance, assign HR-related tasks and deal with all the documents related to a specialist.

Service orders and ticketing

Create tickets and send requests to specialists. You can notice a bug in the system, fill out a simple form and choose the department you want to address your issue.

Billing and invoicing payments

The platform automates reports, generating client invoices based on the available company information and sending the invoice directly to the client.

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