Our Certified Engineers and project managers will assess your needs and work with you to define your application. We can take the project from inception through to fully managed implementation and provide on-going support


    Not sure if a professionally designed website is worth the expense? These days, you can't afford not to. With Brainence we will work within your budget and your time lines. You've come to the right place: quality and affordability are major features of all our projects. We'll help get your users right to the data you want them to read


    We provide a full lifecycle software development service, or we can partner with your in-house developers. Technical Leads at our development team are certified within MS technologies stack in frontend, backend and cloud storage systems such as Azure. As part of our .NET development, we are experts at HTML5, Javascript and AngularJS


    When products do not completely address your business needs, modifications beyond the configurable capabilities of the products are sometimes required. Brainence can be your partner to bridge these gaps through custom software development and service offerings

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    Main office - 121 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo Lviv, Ukraine


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    Brainence is an outsourcing company engaged in the development web products and software. We are the team of specialists focused on finding the most reliable, effective and innovative solutions for transforming customer ideas into products that work for their business.




    • Alliance Cooperation

      The coop partnership model offers a solution for small and mid-sized firms that want to remain independent. You remain in the front line as a Brand to name the price, while we become your Outsourced Tech Department! The Coop Partner can be either for one specific project only, or a continuing business relationship.

    • Potential issues:

      • One partner might under-deliver due to focus on its own bottom line
      • If chosen for its expertise, the partner might take advantage of its situation
      • could become a competitor in the long run or possibly try to take over the other company
      • Possible culture barriers, ego & ideology clashes

    • Benefits:

      • Greater service capabilities, focus on adding value
      • Increased business opportunities and reach
      • Pooling/sharing resources and ideas
      • Common long-term strategy and goals
      • Executive and senior management exchange (BOD?)
      • High level of transparency between partners
      • Domain expertise knowledge exchange